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What does one do when their life comes crumbling down around their shoulders with stunning efficacy? Scripps knows that some building pick up the pieces and start rebuilding. Some lie crushed under the weight of it all, never to move. Scripps, deferring to old habits, turns to God and the church. The hangover had faded on January first, but the guilt and the remorse hadn't. Some small part of him can't help but feel that Hector's death -- or, at least, the timing of the news -- had a direct correlation to Scripps' sins.

He doesn't regret doing it.

Mostly, he regrets the promise he made in the first place, but you can't simply undo something vowed to God so lightly. The lowest circle of hell belongs to the traitors and while Scripps is aware his betrayal is a minor one (and hardly on the scale of Brutus and Cassius), he still feels that unending, all-consuming guilt. As of January second, he begins to spend a good portion of his day in church to ask forgiveness, advice, and pleading with an unseen force to give him lenience because he can't stop thinking about her.
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She hasn't spoken to Scripps since New Year's Eve. Already, Grace feels terrible for it; she should have made the effort to seek him out, or at the very least, to thank him for showing her a lovely evening. Of course, there may be something to say for the fact that he hasn't sought her out either, but perhaps he's just been busy. Or recovering from how pissed he'd gotten that night.

So when Grace spots his familiar figure rounding a city corner, she follows without a second thought as to whether or not she should follow. The only time she does take pause is when she notices he's going into the church, contemplating whether or not she should simply leave this off for another time when he doesn't so clearly have a destination in mind.

In the end, however, she does call out his name, hoping to catch his attention.
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The first problem that arises here is that Grace isn't precisely sure just how she should greet him. It's not as if the two of them are dating, but at this point, she'd like to believe that they're a bit more than friends. Well, she hopes.

"Hi," she greets, settling on greeting him with a small wave. She's not sure if anything else would be alright. "Admiring more of the architecture before all of this goes away and we're stuck on an island again?" Grace gestures to the church, which is lovely, even from the outside. She's never actually been inside St. Paul's.
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"But it's not Sunday," Grace replies, her expression pulling into a small frown. She's not sure if he's entirely serious about having to return to pray twice more in the same day. Of course, she's heard Scripps speak of God more than once, but there'd been no indication of anything quite this serious.
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"Oh." Grace replies, and she's fully aware of how ineloquent a response it is, but is unable to come up with a better reply at the moment. It's not a concept she can really relate to, having never been religious herself. She honestly can't remember the last time she's even been inside a church.

"Well, I was hoping that if there was ever a time you weren't busy here, if you'd maybe like to do something sometime?" She knows of an adorable cafe just down the road, but hasn't had a chance to go yet.
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Honestly, she doesn't quite expect it. It's not that she doesn't hope that he'll want to spend time with her again, but her she'd prepared herself-- in a very short amount of time-- for him to prefer to carry on with his afternoon without her.

"Are you sure?" she asks, "I don't mean keep you from anything."
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"That seems like an awfully long time," Grace replies, though there's a smile on her face now as she turns to lead them in the direction of the cafe she has in mind. She doesn't think she had as much to drink as he did that night, but she can certainly understand his apprehension towards drink ever again.
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"Amazing," she replies as she looks for a table, though she's aware that it's a gross exaggeration, "Though, I confess, I'm hoping that the island is back to normal soon. I miss the summer."

Perhaps that's always been part of the magic of this place, that the warm weather makes their time there seem like an endless holiday.

"Did you know that there was a time when I wouldn't even have been allowed in here? Women were completely banned from coffeehouses at first."
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"It'd be just like Shakespeare," Grace replies, "Or like being at an all-girls school again."

She'd never had to take on any of the male parts at Mayberry's, but some of her classmates there hadn't really had much of a choice when it came to it.
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She quickly places her own order and though she's a little confused by him asking her the same question again, removes her own coat.

"I think I'm going to make an effort to dance more this year," she tells him, though she hasn't really contemplated any resolutions before this moment. "What about you?"
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"Oh? What's that?" she asks him, hoping that any feeling of dread that's suddenly come upon her will ultimately prove to be unwarranted. But there's something about the way he draws in a breath before he speaks that leads her to think that she should dread whatever he's about to say to her next.
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"And... you obviously haven't held up your end of it," Grace says, with a tiny frown, but doesn't go so far as to try and figure out just what that might mean. It doesn't do to jump to conclusions.
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She tries to catch his gaze as he looks at the waiters who pass instead of at her, leaning in her seat to try and place herself in his line of sight.

"You shouldn't feel ashamed, Scripps," she tells him, "not if it was a promise that was important to you."
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Grace has friends back home in Bristol who she's not sure could even manage an entire day, so the very idea that Scripps has supposedly abstained for ages is almost commendable.

"Then," she says, "maybe that means you have a decision to make?"

Though, she doesn't understand why his situation can only exist in extremes. It doesn't seem fair.
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"Right. Friends," Grace replies and despite her best efforts, can't help it when the hint of bitterness bleeds into her tone, "And you didn't think that mentioning any of this before New Year's Eve?"

Because she's been through this before, back home and here already, and it's not fun to find out that you've been lead on.
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So she's expected to wait, then. Until he's figured this all out, whether or not he can continue to break some promise he's made to God. Part of her envies that kind of belief, but another part of her can't imagine willingly allowing something or someone to control her life like that.

She's been through that before, after all.

"I like you, Scripps," she replies, and her expression softens, if only slightly, "and I'd love to go on a date with you, but... I'm not going to wait forever."
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Her hands are folded neatly on her lap, and she looks down at them for a long moment before speaking again.

"So how does this work?" Grace asks him, hoping that he doesn't think she means it facetiously. She's not religious, and doesn't really know if anyone who is; or at least, she hasn't before now. She honestly doesn't know.

"You just pray and wait for some sort of sign?"
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Grace nods, though she's still not quite sure that she understands.

"Why would you not be worthy?" she asks him, "I don't think there's anything you don't deserve."

Though, there's a chance she's missed the point entirely. Perhaps he's Catholic and there's confession involved, guilt for what he considers sinful behavior and appropriate penance.
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"And isn't part of it supposed to be about being a good person overall as well?" Grace asks him, and though she's still not entirely sure how this works, she's always thought that there was supposed to be something to be gained from good deeds in a more general way.
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"You can't be held accountable for what other people do, Scripps," she says, wondering exactly where the cut-off is. Not bothering to suppress the smile that comes from the contact, she glances down at his hand on her palm and tries to remember that, at the moment, it's just that: a friend touching a friend.
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"So I'm meant to do all the work for you, then?' Grace jokingly replies, her expression brightening just a bit more. Because despite the slightly unconventional circumstances of it all, Scripps has said the word 'date' aloud. If that's not something to be cheerful about, then Grace isn't entirely sure what is.
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"That sounds absolutely perfect," she says, and it's actually something she might have suggested herself. She's of the belief that sometimes, just a quiet night in can be the best thing.

"I think I saw Top Hat on the bookshelf not too long ago."
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"Then I think that I'd feel positively spoiled," Grace says, her grin widening at the prospect of it. She's not the world's best cook, by any means, but she does know how to make a fair few things. The question now, however, is figuring out just what will be best for the evening he's described.

She'll have to visit the bookshelf, and hope for cook books.
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"Absolutely," Grace agrees, and for now, that's more than enough.