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It's beyond belief that he has what he does on tape. Honestly, Scripps believes in God rather fervently, so he should be an expert in having faith in things that don't necessarily exist. Still, unicorns are not something he's counted on being witness to -- especially given that apparently there's some rule about how only virgins are allowed to see them.

He's not sure how proud he ought to be that he's able to see them. It doesn't seem like the sort of thing a person admits. Still, the first time he'd caught a glimpse, he knew he had to do something about it and that's where the video camera came in. The technology advanced, it'd taken Scripps a moment or two to process how to use it, but he's a master of it soon enough, lingering in the trees as he wields the device and runs his fingers through their manes.

An hour later, he has a fairly good video.

Two days later, he's got a picnic, a small carafe of wine (for her), and water (for him), and the video-player in hand as he walks to the stage and knocks lightly on her door, hoping that his sudden surprise is welcome and not a cause to hold it against him.
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She'd decided on a day in today, and when there's a knock at the door, she's reading a copy of Great Expectations while Lady Di doses in her makeshift bed nearby. Truthfully, it's a day where she's not really expecting visitors, but it isn't as if they aren't welcome. After all, even with Lady Di around, it sometimes gets a bit lonely out there on her own.

She pats the dog's head to calm her and goes about answering the door, expression immediately brightening when she sees who it is.

"Scripps," she says, "Hi. What brings you all the way out here?"
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To be quite honest, Grace had been beginning to wonder whether or not the date they'd talked about would actually happen. The promise of it had been quite conditional, lumped in with Scripps's talk of his religion and of not being entirely sure that they could pursue anything in the first place. So his turning up at hers, ready in an instant to go forward with the date they'd talked of is more of a surprise than she'll admit to him. It's a nice surprise, of course, but a surprise, nonetheless.

"I thought we were meant to cook it together," she says, though she doesn't mind, not at all, and the widening grin on her face is likely evidence of that.
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"Oooh, what's that?" Grace asks him, visibly intrigued as she both ushers him in and peers at the basket he has in-hand. By now, she's feeling positively spoiled, to be honest. The food and the pleasure of his company today would have been more than enough.
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She frowns a little, not sure just what he might have captured on camera that he'd think she'd be interested in. Has she missed some play on the island? Or some sudden magic somewhere? That's the wonderful way the island works; the possibilities are endless.

"I almost miss film cameras, in a way," she tells him, "My mum and dad had one when I was little, so there are all these old movies of us at home."
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While she never really made a habit of watching her old movies back home, Grace suddenly feels a bit sad that she can't go and find them to show Scripps. But most of them are old ballet films anyway.

"Are you going to keep teasing me, or am I actually going to get to see?" she says to him, tone playful.
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"I'm not sure that I can promise that without knowing just what I'm promising not to be angry about," Grace replies, though in the process, she's reached in to start playing with his collar, mostly just to have a reason to touch him.
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"Any myth in particular?" she asks, then comes up onto her toes to press a soft kiss to his cheek, "You do know there's more than one, I hope."

She's well aware that this is, perhaps, a bit unfair, but if he's allowed to tease, then so is she.
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It takes Grace a moment to realize just what she's seeing. After all, she's not exactly sure what she should be expecting, based on what Scripps has suggested. Her eyes go a bit wide with astonishment.

"...oh my god," she says, and only barely manages to suppress a rather undignified noise of delight, "Are those unicorns?"
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"They're beautiful," Grace replies, her smile wide as she watches them on camera. There's a lot on the island that Grace didn't ever think she'd see, people that she would have never gotten to meet if she hadn't come here, but this might be her favorite thing of all.

This, however, begs a question.

"Why didn't you ask me along? I would've gone."
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"Only if it's not too inconvenient for you," she says, and while her tone isn't sarcastic because she's angry at him. It was an absolutely wonderful surprise, and she still can't believe that he took the time to go back and record them for her.
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"I'm only teasing. They're wonderful and I absolutely love it. Don't be such a girl," Grace replies, and her smile is wide as she leans in to kiss him on the corner of his mouth. It's not worth getting angry over at all, especially when his intentions were so good.

"So. What are we having?"
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"You've given up wine?" she asks him, and while she's familiar with the concept of Lent, she's never delved into the reasoning behind it. At least, she assumes that's why he says he's drinking water until Easter; she hopes there's not some other thing that she's not aware of.
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Grace nearly tells Scripps that she thinks he'll be waiting quite a long time if he's waiting for Christ to be born again, but knows that she'd rather not rock the boat on that matter. It's a subject that she's found they'll have to agree to disagree on, if things are going to work at all between them.

"But not everything mood-altering, I hope," she says, and her tone is not entirely un-suggestive.

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