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It's not fucking fair.

For all that Scripps has trusted in God through so much of his life, there are aspects of religion that he yet doesn't understand. Key amongst them is the Bible's tendency to tell stories about testing one's faith. If this is the test of his, Scripps may be weaker than he thought. Losing Posner to home had been one thing, but finding out about Hector and now Jimmy? He's exhausted with it all and he doesn't know what to do.

It's why he ends up at Grace's, worn from crying and pacing and cursing and praying. His eyes are rimmed red and he's worn from the tips of his hairs to his toes. He knocks, lightly, and hopes he's not disturbing the baby.
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Grace is awake when there's a knock on the door, but just barely. Mini and Alana retired some time ago, but she's up reading, engrossed in what must be her hundredth reread of the Harry Potter series. She's already up to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and is really hoping that she can find the next book on the bookshelf before she reaches the end.

She certainly doesn't expect a knock on the door, and when she answers, Grace's expression slips into a worried frown once she sees her boyfriend's face.

"Donald? What's wrong?"
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Grace motions for him to come inside, all plans she had of a quiet evening completely forgotten in favor of making sure that Scripps is alright. Though, the look on his face and the tone of his voice have already lead her to the conclusion that he's very far from it.

"What's happened to him?" she asks, because it seems silly to ask if Scripps's friend from home is alright when it's very clear that he is not.
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"Oh, Donald, I'm so sorry," Grace says, and she places one hand on his arm, hoping it'll help, at least a little. But she can only imagine that being stuck on the island while things keep happening back home can't be easy. She tries not to think about it, herself. After so long, wondering what's going on with her parents and with the rest of her friends just makes her heart hurt.

"That was no way for you to find out about it."
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"None of you could have known for sure, not really," Grace says, "And even if you had been there to warn him, there's no telling whether or not it would have ended differently."

Just because they're sometimes given glimpses into their futures by this place doesn't mean they can change them. It's horrible to think that their fates are so written in stone, but she's sure that none of it is Donald's fault, or his friend's for that matter.
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"She's heard far worse from her own mother, so I think you're okay," Grace says, and tries for a smile, though it doesn't quite manage to reach her eyes like it normally would. Mostly, she wishes there was some way for her to fix this.

"Come on, we can talk in my room instead."

It's a bit more secluded than the main room of the hut, and Grace hopes that maybe he'll feel a bit better about saying what he needs to.
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Grace gently takes his hand and leads him to her room, shutting the door behind them. Maybe he hates feeling like this, but she hates seeing him like this, that he has to go through something like this. She wonders if, perhaps, it would have been better if he and Dakin had never found out at all.

"It means you care for your friend," Grace says, "It means you loved him."
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"Maybe it was something he believed in as well?" Grace asks, hopeful. She sits down on her bed to peer up at him, crossing her legs and sitting on them. It just seems such a horrible thing for it to have all been for absolutely nothing.
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"Maybe he knew the danger, but he couldn't have known he would die, Donald. Not everyone does," she replies, knowing there's no way that she can make this better. She can be here for him, she can listen, but she can't fix it. And all at once, Grace remembers something her mother told her once about making a happy ending even when one seems far out of reach and is irritated for it.
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"We don't know for sure that it's all set in stone, Donald," Grace says, because even if things seem that way more often than not, she'd like to believe that they're all wrong about it.

"There's always a chance that it doesn't work that way."
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"You know," Grace says, and she slides closer to wrap her arms about him and rest her head on his shoulder, "Before I got here, back home, Mini couldn't stand Alana's father. But then, when she turned up on the island, she'd already fallen in love with him."

She frowns, sure that he's waiting for her to get to the point. "So maybe... your friend is still out there somewhere. From sometime before he went to war. There's still a chance you'll see him again."
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"It could still happen," Grace says, determined to continue to be optimistic, even if she doesn't think the chances are particularly great. After all, in recent months, she's only seen the people she cares about disappear from the island. There's still no one from home for her except Mini.
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Considering the topic at hand, Grace thinks the conversation has taken a more morbid tone that she expected it would.

"That's always how it's been for all of us, Donald," Grace says, and she hates thinking that somewhere back home, there's the possibility that someone she loves has met a fate similar to that of Scripps' friend. That one of her friends or her parents...

...everyone dies, eventually, but being faced with it it more than just a little awful.

She hugs him a bit closer and shuts her eyes for a moment.