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There's absolutely no question over the fact that Scripps is immediately regretting drinking with Dakin into the wee hours of the morning. It's ridiculous, truly, and he ought to be above that. And yet, here he is, lying in bed with a headache to rival those in the world with the most terrible of headaches and he feels awful and off. He vaguely recalls passing out next to Dakin in a drunken stupor of laziness, but now the heat off his body is putting Scripps in an awful mood.

"Would you get off?" Scripps complains, wrinkling his nose when his shirt catches against his elbow, like it's too big or something. "You're hot as anything, arse," he grumbles.
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Dakin grumbled unintelligibly, only half awake, but entirely hung over. He swung an arm blindly -hoping to give Scripps a smack for waking him- only to find his arm colliding with a decidedly un-Scrippslike form. Even in his current state Dakin was more than certain he knew the difference. He blinked a bit, squinted, and sized her up. Why the bloody hell didn't he remember her arriving?

"Good morning to you, too, then."
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"Enough apparently," Dakin answered, rubbing his forehead. On the one hand, his head was throbbing with his hangover and confusion over the whole situation. But on the other, he had something of a reputation when it came to women and it had to be upheld in all circumstances. It would be rude of him not to attempt to chat her up at some point, though first he had to find out just who she was and what they had gotten up to last night. (The fact that she was wearing Scripps's clothing while he himself was nowhere to be seen was particularly worrying. Had things really been so embarrassing that he'd felt the need to bugger off that early in the morning?)

"Fucking Christ, what did we do ?"
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It wasn't the sort of response he normally got after waking up with a strange girl and Dakin was equal parts insulted and bewildered. The insulted part was the one that more quickly manifested itself. "I don't know! Why are you giving me that look? I'm not a leper or some sort of pervert. Besides, I'm not the one in the wrong bed. What are you even doing here?"
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The clever retort on Dakin's lips never made it out as all the pieces slowly came together in his still aching head. It was the phrasing that did it in the end. Even with a more feminine voice there was only really one person who talked to him like that. "Don? Shit. What was in those drinks?"
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Meanwhile, Dakin continued staring rather unhelpfully at Scripps's newly acquired tits. It was easier than trying to think of something useful to contribute to the situation and it was also marginally less likely to get him slapped than his first instinct, which he was trying hard not to give in to. Dakin stared. He looked away. He bit his lip. But eventually he couldn't hold it in anymore and burst out laughing with no sign of stopping any time in the near future.
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"Oh, yes they are." Dakin's laughing had decreased, but the bright grin on his face went nowhere. Opportunities like this came along all too seldom. He could never, ever let Scripps forget it. "I wish I knew what you did to deserve it."