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This is bad. This is weird. This is utterly beyond the scope of anything that's ever happened to him and yet falls in line with the history of the island he lives on. How fucked up is that? After absconding away from Dakin and the horror involved, Scripps is going to the next safest place he can think of -- Grace. True, he has no idea how she's going to the react to the 'suddenly female' aspect of his day, but he does have high hopes for patience and goodwill.

He licks his lips as he glances down at the ill-fitting pajama trousers and t-shirt he's wearing, shrugging when it's good enough, and knocks lightly on the door. If he wakes the baby, he's sure to never be forgiven, so every knock is gentle as can be.
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It's early enough that Mini and the baby are still asleep. Grace, however has been awake for several hours, years of ballet practice and strict routine hard to shake even now that she's lived away from home for ages now. She's not expecting anyone though; Scripps is really the only one who comes calling regularly these days, and it's a bit early, even for him.

Still in her nightgown, Grace pads over to the door, hoping to answer it before anyone else in the hut is awakened.

"Can I help you?" she asks, opening the door to find the girl standing there.
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Grace can't be sure at all if it's the oddest thing that the other girl has said, but it's certainly one of the strangest things she has ever heard.

"I'm sorry, have we met?" she asks, though a curious glance at the girl's somewhat familiar trousers lead her to believe that she may already know the answer to that question.

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Grace has lived on the island for several years now, but even so, is not entirely used to the strange things that happen. But on a second glace, she can see the resemblance, and unless Donald has a sister he hasn't told her about who has suddenly arrived, then it could only be him.

"Oh my god," is all she can think to say, mouth left rather unattractively agape.
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She's not entirely sure what to say, the words all caught in her throat somewhere as she tries to take all of this in. Of course she's heard of this happening before, but hearing and seeing like this are altogether different things.

Grace steps out of the way to let Scripps into the hut, eyes still wide, still too shocked to completely manage.
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"No, no it's just..." Grace starts, and trails off without realizing at first. She knows that she's not doing a very good job at not being rude about this. After all, it's not Scripps's fault that the island's done this. At least she's fairly sure it isn't.

"I just wasn't really expecting this, you know."
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"I think so," Grace says, and even though she's not entirely sure what she has will fit, she'd never send Scripps off to deal with the clothes box. She starts to head towards her room, gesturing for him to follow. Most of her wardrobe consists of skirts, though, and she's not sure how he's going to feel about that.

"...you're taking this surprisingly well." she adds.
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"Don't touch them," Grace says, when she turns around to find her boyfriend fondling his newly-arrived tits. Still trying to wrap her mind around the oddness of the morning, it's not something she's entirely prepared for.

If it's at all possible to be prepared for something like that at all.

"Oh my god."