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Donald Scripps ([personal profile] turnedtoproust) wrote2013-07-23 10:45 pm

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This is bad. This is weird. This is utterly beyond the scope of anything that's ever happened to him and yet falls in line with the history of the island he lives on. How fucked up is that? After absconding away from Dakin and the horror involved, Scripps is going to the next safest place he can think of -- Grace. True, he has no idea how she's going to the react to the 'suddenly female' aspect of his day, but he does have high hopes for patience and goodwill.

He licks his lips as he glances down at the ill-fitting pajama trousers and t-shirt he's wearing, shrugging when it's good enough, and knocks lightly on the door. If he wakes the baby, he's sure to never be forgiven, so every knock is gentle as can be.

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