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It's a frightening thing, if Scripps admits it, that it's taken so long for him to come back around to the idea of higher education with a purpose. It's not that he thinks himself incapable, but the whole notion of taking a few years off had been for career pursuits, not lounging about a strange tropical island watching his life fetter away from him uselessly. Now, though, he's got a Barton catalogue in his hands and he feels a bit paralyzed.

He should be good at this. He ought to take hold of the possibilities and drown himself in education, now that it's available at a better rate than before. Hector would want him to do it. Irwin would want him to question what he's taking and come up with a counter-point essay on the courses.

Neither of them are here, though. So instead, Scripps is going to the best resource he knows and has deliberately set up shop in Grace's flat, sprawled on the couch with a pen in hand and the catalogue above him. "Do you think I need a basic class on the structure and composition of English?" he calls above the sofa to Grace.
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"Are you sure that's not for people who don't speak any English at all?" Grace asks from the kitchen, where she's reaching into the cabinet for mugs for tea. She's never given Donald any grief for deciding to take a bit of a break from his schooling— it's been nearly an entire gap year for him— but she can't help but be pleased that he'll finally be at University in the fall.

She frowns, just a bit, thoughtful. "Aren't you a little beyond that?"
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"I think so," Grace replies, and she pours hot water from the kettle into both of their cups once they're properly on the counter, looking back toward where Donald is calling to her from over the couch, "I haven't been to see one, but I'd imagine they'd need to have something like that for people."

Grace has known what she wants to do with her life for a long time now, so she's never really needed to ask someone about career or course options, really. Even now, knowing that her ankle doesn't allow her to dance quite as well as she's used to, she's known what drama classes she should probably take.

A part of her thinks though, that if she were back home, her parents might have made her choose something slightly different by now. Grace tries not to think about it much.
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The tea poured, Grace comes in to join him on the couch, setting both mugs on the coffee table.

"A few acting classes, an introductory directing class, and a French literature class, for fun, I think," she says to him. She doesn't draw attention to the fact that there aren't any ballet classes on her schedule.
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"I think you might enjoy it, actually," Grace says, and though Flaubert's prose isn't as flowing as the poetry that Donald is accustomed to, she'd like to think that the stories might draw him in. The history that he's so fond of citing is nothing but a collection of stories, after all.

"Have I made you read Les Misérables yet? It's wonderful."
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"I'll hit you with it first," Grace replies, and playfully hits him on the shoulder, though there's still a small smile on her face. She can't help but wonder if perhaps he's spent too much time reading poetry that anything longer than a page and a half can't hold his attention.

"It's not that long. Besides, the story's so wonderful, you'd hardly notice at all."
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"You know you're welcome over here whenever you like," she says, and means it. Sometimes, she thinks he's around so often that she wonders why he ever bothers to leave, but it comes in fits and spurts sometimes.

They've been together ages now, and sometimes she wonders why they're living apart at all, really.
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"Three, if Lady Di is to be included," Grace replies, though if he's talking about cooking rotas, she wonders just how often he is planning on being around now. Maybe he's thinking along the same lines that she is.

"Or... if you like, you don't have to leave at all?" she adds, after a moment, a bit hesitant, but hopeful.
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Grace can't say that the thought hasn't crossed her mind before now. But she wondered whether or not Donald simply like having the option to go home if he felt he needed space.

"I think I'd like that very much," she says, and leans in to kiss him once, briefly on the lips. There'll be adjustments to be made, of course, and she's sure that living together will offer challenges that they can't anticipate, but she's looking forward to overcoming them together.
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"Your landlord, I'd think," Grace replies with a grin, happy for the closeness. She imagines they'll have a lot of nights like this now. They already have many, as it is, but knowing that Donald will come home here instead of going to his own flat is a more wonderful idea than she can express just then.
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"I think we're obligated," she says, delighted at the idea of proper, grown up parties with Donald. She's been in her flat in Darrow for a whole now, but has never thought of entertaining, no had much of an opportunity to. This seems like the perfect excuse.