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All mail will inevitably reach its home. Your mail will be mine and I will keep it close.
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Associates, cugine, and compare gather 'round: the boss and skipper would like to invite ya to a bit of a gathering, get to know one another, celebrate the coming of age of our dearest Santana Lopez and Kurt Hummel. Come dressed in your finest for a night of fine food, fine wine, fine company.

Among the activities planned for the evening are karaoke matches, water balloon fights*, and of course, we end the evening with a nice game of assassins, so you won't want to miss out on this one— it'll be a doozy of a party to remember.

WHERE: The Hub
WHEN: Friday evening, October 21st, 7 PM—2 AM
THEME: Mafia (black tie, but suggest bringing swimwear as well)
PRESENTS: Optional
NOTE: No invitation necessary, but must be at least sixteen to attend.

* We've improvised with the water balloons, so we will be strictly enforcing the age limit. Apologies in advance to any parents offended by the use of certain personal items, though we Kurt we feel this a much more productive use of island resources.
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