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There's a terrible trouble to all this weather. Scripps likes the snow and the bitter cold of it all. He's rather fond of going to St. Paul's for his daily worship -- sitting in pews that are ancient as religion itself -- and it's a thrill to wander about and imagine what history took place in these coal-stained streets. The only problem is that Scripps is a sloppy dresser at the best of times and all his clothes seem to have multipled by four the morning he awoke.

There's bits and bobs and this and that and he's left not knowing where half of it even goes. He's sure he's been a horrible sight to see on the streets with his collars-up and his shirts wrinkled and his boots mismatched, but he's hardly going to save himself from any embarrassment, now is he? He hardly knows where to start.

He's doing what he can. He arrives at the clothes-box and studies it cautiously, waiting for knowledge to be imparted. "If I weren't so afraid of false idols, I might've started to pray to you," he informs the tangible thing.
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While Kurt isn't sure that he entirely likes this new city with its natives constantly floating around in a haze and black ice just waiting to trip him up under the heel of his boot, there's something undeniably romantic about the island choosing this month to fall into a winter wonderland, something whimsical about the outfits that the clothes box produces, something wonderful about curling up close to a roaring and snapping fire while the world remains bitterly cold outside. It's lovely enough that Kurt's found it in himself to wander around, all smiles as he goes about his daily business. The Compound sees the most of his visits, if only because it's still the place where the majority of people seem to flock to— and the most unfortunate thing would be to let this city pass by without enjoying it with friends.

"Oh, that little thing doesn't need prayer," Kurt reassures as he steps into the room and finds Scripps there, looking entirely overwhelmed by the choices in clothing. "It's only ever been kind to me, and I'm not sure that I've done anything for it other than fold clothes when given the chance."
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Biting down the temptation to agree with Scripps— he hadn't been the most put-together of the boys, and not by quite a stretch at that— Kurt smiles instead, reaching into the box and sifting through to find hues of red and gold. (Ravenclaw though Kurt might be at heart, he knows that the red and gold coloring is just about one of the best in the book, and there's something charming about the colors being so warm in a place that's anything but.)

"Well, I can help with that. I've helped lace a couple of girls here and there already; seriously, if men think that women's undergarments are complicated in modern day, then they've never dealt with whalebone." Holding up a vest, Kurt holds it up to Scripp's chest and gives it a considering look.
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"This? Fancy?" Kurt asks, letting that question answer itself with a raise of his brows, pressing his lips together with a soft exhale. He's not really sure what the problem is to begin with, when all that Kurt's offering is to help the other young man pick out proper clothes from the box. As the box has never been overly mean to Kurt (even the clothes that don't fit are easily tailored, or offer a billowing length of fabric that Kurt can otherwise put to use. "Hardly. Remember where you are, Scripps. Can you honestly say that most people around here aren't similarly dressed with frills and to the nines? Well— those who can afford it, at least, but this box has never required bill or coin."
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"Half of this is going to end up stolen from you?" Kurt repeats, slightly preoccupied as he helps Scripps to try on the vest, glancing in the back and wondering if he should make any personal adjustments to help the garment fit a touch better. Without any modifications, however, it still looks many times the improvement over Scripps' previous outfit, and so Kurt feels compelled to keep at it, any marginal benefit still better than nothing at all. Slipping a miniature sewing kit out from his pocket, Kurt begins to work at driving a pin occasionally through the cloth, tugging at the fabric.

"I'm afraid I don't follow."
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"Dakin?" Kurt asks, as soon as Scripps falls to silence, hardly letting the words hang in the air. It takes half a second for him to remember that he should do his best to avoid letting on that he knows of Scripps life, knows all of the boys in the gang really and the life they led in grammar school. It's the kind of adventure that Kurt's imagined himself in more than once or twice— after all, the boys may be a hodgepodge group, but they're all accepting, cohesive, content to be contributors to the whole. But he manages to calm his smile, brow furrowing innocently. "Is that a friend? Someone on the island, I would assume?"

If Dakin's arrived on the island, Kurt wonders who else from the gang might arrive.

Wonders if it'd be too much to worm himself into the set.