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It's beyond belief that he has what he does on tape. Honestly, Scripps believes in God rather fervently, so he should be an expert in having faith in things that don't necessarily exist. Still, unicorns are not something he's counted on being witness to -- especially given that apparently there's some rule about how only virgins are allowed to see them.

He's not sure how proud he ought to be that he's able to see them. It doesn't seem like the sort of thing a person admits. Still, the first time he'd caught a glimpse, he knew he had to do something about it and that's where the video camera came in. The technology advanced, it'd taken Scripps a moment or two to process how to use it, but he's a master of it soon enough, lingering in the trees as he wields the device and runs his fingers through their manes.

An hour later, he has a fairly good video.

Two days later, he's got a picnic, a small carafe of wine (for her), and water (for him), and the video-player in hand as he walks to the stage and knocks lightly on her door, hoping that his sudden surprise is welcome and not a cause to hold it against him.
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What does one do when their life comes crumbling down around their shoulders with stunning efficacy? Scripps knows that some building pick up the pieces and start rebuilding. Some lie crushed under the weight of it all, never to move. Scripps, deferring to old habits, turns to God and the church. The hangover had faded on January first, but the guilt and the remorse hadn't. Some small part of him can't help but feel that Hector's death -- or, at least, the timing of the news -- had a direct correlation to Scripps' sins.

He doesn't regret doing it.

Mostly, he regrets the promise he made in the first place, but you can't simply undo something vowed to God so lightly. The lowest circle of hell belongs to the traitors and while Scripps is aware his betrayal is a minor one (and hardly on the scale of Brutus and Cassius), he still feels that unending, all-consuming guilt. As of January second, he begins to spend a good portion of his day in church to ask forgiveness, advice, and pleading with an unseen force to give him lenience because he can't stop thinking about her.


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